Sunday, 15 February 2015


This new-age lip formula consists of a modern matte color with a sheen of a luster, how is this possible?! I was confused myself since the statement was contradictory. SEPHORA Luster Matte Long-wear Lip Colors contain pigmentation like no other lip lacquer I've seen! Not only do the lip color last all day but the product also moisturizes your lips unlike other matte products.

The feather-light formula nourishes your lips with ingredients such as Rose Hip Seed Oil - essential oils are always a good sign. The staying power (depending on your plans for the day) lasts a minimum of about 6 hours before reapplication. I wore this product to go grocery shopping (#Motherhood) with Neveah where we then stopped by for a sneaky snack at MC Ds. I ordered a wrap. The lip color did not budge. Although I did find that after our meal, I had a slight feather on the outer-corners of my mouth where product had transferred after drinking coffee, however, it was unnoticeable. 
The product holds 4ml 0,.4 fl oz.It is very purse-friendly and travel-sized for a person-on-the-go. Although it is short, do not be fooled since the tube is quite thick in circumference. Like a standard lip gloss tube, the plastic is transparent for an easy-to-see color determination. The tip has a black screw-on top with the brand, SEPHORA printed around it. The custom contoured tip contains a doffer applicator that makes it easy to apply. Not only does the tip have a dent that holds products in the brush, but it is also very flexible for an extra-accessible and effortless application around the corners of your mouth.

Since the shade was called Mulberry, I thought the color would be more on the deep burgundy side. I have no idea why on earth  I though that. Complete opposite actually. It is a creamy, bold but wearable deep-fuchsia. Since it has a neutral undertone, this color will suit all skin tones. The product, like MAC Pro-Longwear Lipstick, isn't buildable as it already has the vibrancy and pigmentation from the first swipe. The lip color applies smoothly as a creamy liquid and takes approx. 2 minutes to fully set into a matte shade with a slight sheen when light is shined upon it - extra plumpification. YASS!