Friday, 6 February 2015


I am starting to make these monthly favourites an ongoing series. I personally love reading what other bloggers have been loving for the month. Not only because I am naturally a nosey person, but to also find products that have evidentally been tested and used. Not much has changed since last months' products. On a brighter note, Can you believe it's already February?! For some bizarre reason, I still tend to write the year 2014, than 2015 - good thing posts are automatically dated right? Nevertheless, Here are my 2015 January favourites.

1| Uh-Oh! Guess who got her hands on the LA COLOR Pro Concelaer! This most-raved concealer (considered the dupe of MAC pro concealer) has reached it to my January Favourites. This concealer was the most sought out product in the beauty world, however, being a UK resident, this brand was very hard to find. I.finally found LA GIRL products in Beauty Base, Stratford Wesfeilds. I grabbed three of their shades as I didn't know which colour would suit my skin tone: Cool Tan, Medium Bisque and Pure Beige. The consistency is not too thick but not too runny. The creamy concealer is highly-pigmented but I still advise a setting powder on top as throughout the day, the concealer does sink into your fine lines.

2| As a mummy-on-the-go, I have less time to get ready in the mornings. For that added pop of glam, I have been using the 24HR COLOR Tattoos on my lid. SMUDGE-PROOF. WATER-PROOF. BABY-PROOF. I cannot describe how amazing these drugstore cremes are. With your finger, just blend those babies onto your lid and that's it! Instant-glamification. I had been reading up on these eye cremes prior to purchasing them, just to see whats shades would suit me and what others thought about it. I am so happy I finally purchased these beauty steals! I have been loving On and On Bronze.

3| For those of you who are familiar with my blog, I am an unnecessary MAC lipstick collector hoarder. The infamous MAC Ruby Woo was last months favourite, however, since the festive season has now ended, my darling Woo has now been surpassed by another shade - MAC Flat Out Fabulous. This gorgeous shade is once again another Retro Matte finish and is a deep berry/fuschia hue. It stays put for hours and surprisingly not as drying as the red one. Since the sun finally shines in London (even if it's only for a day out of the whole week) I feel like this gorgeous raspberry-like shade is easily wearable and completes a simple look.

4| For Christmas my mum gave me a matching Michael Kors wallet for my matching tote. I was over the moon since I wasn't expetcing her to give me anything! Since having a child, I hardly get given anymore gifts as Neveah, my daughter, is now the baby of the family.

I have been reading, browsing and even socialising with my gorgeous blogger friend LaaLaaMonroe from DolceVanity a lot this month. A must read blog for lifestyle advice and beauty reviews. Her personality and aura is so positive and supportive. We both have been discussing about our minimalistic changes for 2015, we both have been accumulating so much extra baggage in our houses, unnecessary items of clothing and beauty products just piling on top of each other. We both found out that we were going through a positive lifestyle change and have been supporting each other since - well done boo for sticky to your goals.