Sunday, 22 February 2015

T H R E E ♥ T H I N G S | MAC Additions

We all love a nude lip, well, most of us. I, on the other hand, have only started enjoying this look. I was more of a if-you're-gonna-wear-a-lipstick-wear-it-bold-kinda gal. However, I have recently found a new love for pastel/nearly nude spring colors - pretty weird since we're still surrounded by dead leaves, cold winds and outbursts of Winter storms. I had recently purchased a few matte lipsticks: Kinda Sexy, Please Me and Pink Plaid (three guesses what brand this is...)

Pink Plaid | I honestly purchased this lipstick off a whim. This gorgeous barbie pink shade is best suited for paler complexions as it contains a strong cool undertone. Not only will this enhance a paler (wo)mans' skin tone, but will also give a fresh, youthful radiance when applied right ie. minimal makeup with a strong focus on highlighted cheekbones. For my deeper skin toned honeyz, this lipstick will also be wearable when paired with a lip liner of your skin tone.

Please Me | This lipstick is very similar to Pink Plaid. However, the warmer undertone gives it that bit more leeway for medium to tanned skin tone beauties to wear. The lipstick is, yet again, another matte finish which allows the lipstick to stay put throughout the day.

Kinda Sexy | I have been longing for this particular lipstick for the longest time. As you know, I am not one for the very pale, I-just-ate-a-frosted-doughnut kinda lip. Instead, this is a wearable, non-concealer-like lipstick with undertones of warm peach. The matte finish allows this lipstick to be such an eclectic shade to wear for any occasion - day or night. For deeper skin tones, this shade is your perfect spring/summer nude! On paler skin tones, this is definitely a My Lips but Better lipstick.

For Reference I am an NC42 in MAC foundations

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