Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Life Lately | Happy New Year + A MAC Giveaway

T H E   N E W   L O O K 
Welcome to my fresh and updated blog ok, sometimes the word blog feels a bit too formal. Let's just say Public Journal. Social Diary maybe? That's better. 
How was everyone's Countdown to the New years? Mine was spent at home with the family watching Adam Lamber & Queen LIVE having a cuppa latte and lots and lots of shortbread biscuits. I feel like all I've been posting up are reviews and swatches and not enough one-to-one's, heart-to-hearts,random-thoughts-in-my-head-kinda posts.. I love to socialise with you all especially on twitter. If you have me on your account, you can tell I'm a bit of a twitter maniac posting tweets about every little thing I do:

DISCLAIMER | I will not shut up at times so a mute button may be needed.
I am currently listening to a current obsession of Hawaiian music. YES. Island music/feel good tunes in the middle of Winter. Taking a head start for Summer 2015. I love jamming to happy songs whilst writing posts. It's just my preferance - to each their own.
Where was I... ah! Yes, the update. As you can see, this post has no structure, grammar nor point whatsoever. I just felt to type. Insert lost-face emoji here... Alot of people has asked me,

"Shanna, Where the F@#?% are all your previous posts?!"

This is a story of how I lost the majority of my posts. One grey, winters evening, as I sit on my sofa completely obsessed about changing the whole layout of my blog, as my Yankee Candle fills the whole living room up with a Vanilla Frosted scent, (uh-mazing) I decided to venture out to the unknown site that is... Google+.
I never really got what Google+ really was, nor how it was linked to my blogger. But boy did I get a wake up call. I started looking through my photos on my Google+ account and there, I surprisingly found ALOT of pictures I didn't ever recall uploading to my Google+ account. At the time, I thought it was a bit dodgy *insert embarassed face here* and thought it was actually hooked up to my iPhone, sharing all the images I had. YES. And what did dumb-dumb Shanna do? She deleted ALL of them. I later found out the images were all linked onto my blog. ta-dah! I never got my images back, and never will I see them again. I did, however, save written posts and reverted them back to my draft. I will have to tweak a few of my products reviews, afterall, I did take ages writing reviews up perfectly, so why not use them again and take updated pictures, right? On the other hand, monthly favorites, etc. will have to be scrapped  sacrificed for the greater good of the blog. There will be others anyway.

So that's a little history lesson from what had happened to Curves and Lashes (I have the sudden urge to name my blog Sheila from now on...) which I believe made way to start a new and fresh feeling to the blog. It took me probably a whole day (considering I have a crazy 2 year-old daughter) to complete the blog design. I did use a free template that I had found on Google and tweaked the living daylights out of the HTML. I then added a few more fun scripts, such as: the music player, the slider, the drop down navigations bar, the top bar, (social links etc) and the footer. Not to mention the colour and also my "little asian girl" logo (which is supposed to be me) here and there around the blog. I really hope yo lovely readers enjoy the new refurbishment. I know I do. Finally feeling content. Again, I do apologise for my absence. After the whole incident, I was thinking of giving up the blog altogether. However, I would've missed the interactions, the hard work I put into each and every post/picture. As much as I love writing, I hope you guys enjoy reading them. My New Years Resolution Promise to Myself is to keep motivated and never back down from anything, you really don't know what's around the corner.
Welcome to 2015! Why not start this year with a bang and nothing makes me more happy than a MAC lipstick giveaway

As a celebration for starting a YouTube channel, hitting 400 followers on Bloglovin, 1K on Instagram and a new improved blog site, I decided to host my first ever giveaway. Yes, you guessed it - A Mac Lipstick Giveaway. I will be giving away one lucky lip lover a Mac lipstick (Permanent Collection) of their choice. I will be using good ol' Rafflecopter to help me.

The Giveaway will be open for one whole month.
Please note: The giveaway is open to UK entries only. Entrees must have at least one social media platform.

Have a Prosperous New Year
A wave goodbye to 2014 and arms wide open for 2015