Thursday, 19 February 2015


Makeup Revolution is a brand that had always tickled my fancy. I have seen and read so many amazing product reviews and launches by this particular brand in the past few months than ever before, I felt so behind for not jumping on the band wagon sooner! I was surprised when Makeup Revolution contacted me to review a few of their products - I couldn't resist! After trying these beauties out, I instantly added more of their highly pigmented and affordable products to my never never-ending wish list.
The Salvation Velvet Lacquer collection consists of gorgeous colours, ranging from dark vampy purples, milky lilacs, scarlet-to-raspberry reds and bombshell-to-baby doll pinks. There is definitely a shade for anyone with any skin tone. A whopping £3.00 a pop! How amazing is that?!

The packaging is thoseof a standard transparent lipgloss tube. I prefer clear packaging when it comes to liquid consistencies as you can see how much of your product is left - don't you just hate it when your having to scrape the edges of your lip gloss when you find out you ran out of product?! The doffer applicator makes application so much easier as it disperses the lacquer smoothly and evenly (like butter). The longevity is amazing for the selling price. I was surprised to still have my hand-swatches locked on after washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and well, a day of mummy duties. They apply like a liquid lipstick but dries fully matte - completely smudge proof! Makeup Revolutions also added a quirkiness to their product by adding some comical names to each shade:
I FALL IN LOVE | A gorgeous baby doll pink with a cool-blue undertone.This particular lacquer has a drier formula compared to the others. I find that this shade does not suit my skin tone as it is too much on the cool-side and can wash me out. This, however, would look stunning on lighter to paler skin tones.

KEEP TRYING FOR YOU | Look no further, Makeup Revolution has you covered. This kissable shade is a true-red that should be in every red-lip-loving gal's makeup bag! A red lip product is a staple in anyone and everyone's makeup collection. The neutral tones in this shade will suit any skin tone and provides highly-pigmented, long-lasting perfection.

VELVET REBEL | This vampy shade resembles another lip product that also goes by the name Rebel. This shade has a slight berry undertone that is definitely in this season. This shade, as well as all the others, are bold and vibrant. This is my favorite out of the four as I feel it compliments my tan skin tone effortlessly in these winter months.

YOU TOOK MY LOVE | If you're looking for a flirtatious bubblegum pink for this year,  this is the one for you.  This vibrant eye-catching hot pink will definitely be one of my on-the-go pink lipsticks this summer as it applies easily and dries to a matte finish - no constant top-ups/bathroom breaks. Unlike the baby pink, this hue compliments my skin tone better, for reference, I am an NC 42 in MAC foundations.
After trying all four colors. They all lasted about 4-5 hours without cracking or fading before re-applying another coat for touch ups - Results may differ. Overall, I am very happy to have been sent these products. The variety of stunning shades in the collection is one to check out! I cannot stress enough how affordably high-quality these velvet lacquers are.


P I N   M E 


  1. I want to try these lacquers so badly. Whilst I love their products, I wish they would stop with the weird names. The names don't exactly tickle my fancy. :/

  2. I haven't tried these yet but after seeing the amazing pigment I really want to give them a go. I also love that they last a good few hours before fading, always a plus for me x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Oh wow these are beautiful! They last quite a while too, might have to have a look at these!

    Rebecca Coco

  4. Ohh these are pretty, but I doubt I could pull them off!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I agree, the name's a bit too much... it's a different take to naming shades though, I guess they tried thinking out of the box

  6. it really is! I love a pigmented lip products :)

  7. Yes! They are amazing, I did find the lightest pink to be a little more drying though x

  8. I'm sure you can love. There's a lot more shades on their website x