Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Basic Handbag Essentials / Michael KORS Jet Set Medium Travel Tote Review

The contents of my bag can get pretty crazy when dealing with a toddler - Mc Donalds Happy Meal toys to random baby socks can be found hidden away in every nook'n'cranny by the end of the week. I hardly change or switch between bags therefore the never-ending pit of receipts, soviets and crayons can also be a bit embarrassing whenever I ask my friends/family to grab something from inside. If I have lost a specific shade from my MAC lipstick collection - it's most likely in there too.

I own the Michael KORS Jet Set Medium Saffiano Leather Tote which is surprisingly very big for a size medium. This stylishly-sleek and multi-funcational bag is such a classic and is the ultimate get-away tote for any occassion - to the beach, maybe a date with your boyfriend? Or how about a night on the town - enough space to keep your flats. The bag consists of three slots, all very spacious and ideal for on-the-go office workers or bloggers. (insert winking emoji ) a great accessory holder for laptops, books (nappies and wipes) and tablets. The middle part is the only zipped compartment (such a shame since it is the only downside for me) leaving your contents exposed. Therefore, I use the zipped area for my phone, wallet and other valuables. 

This bag retails for £250 and comes in various sizes and colours.

-Saffiano Leather
-Two Top Handles
-Interior Zip Divider, Interior Zip Pocket, Two Interior Pouch Pockets
-17 x 11.5 x 5"
-Compatible with with 12" Laptop -Open Top
-Fully Lined

These are my basic bag essentials, believe me, my bag is never this tidy but for this particular post, I decided to de-clutter my dirty little secretsI love large structured bags as I find it suits me more (being a plus-size and all) and also allows me to stuff a lot more unnecessary (but necessary) items such as three more lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette that I will never use throughout the day. #GirlProblems

Hand sanetizers, wipes and a few other baby bits not included since I will be posting a What's in my Baby Bag very soon!

MICHAEL Michael Kors - Bedford textured-leather continental walletImage result for paco rabanne black xs 80ml cenaImage result for the body shop vitamin e face mistEylure Superfix 6ml
Jet set travel wallet
Paco Rabanne
Black XS
The Body Shop
Vitamin E Face Mist
Eylure Superfix
Lash Adhesive
MAC Cosmetics Lipstick, MehrSleek Face Form Medium MediumFresh Floral A7 NotebookMarvel Heroes Collage 6 Colour Pen Retro Captain America Avengers Hulk
MAC Cosmetics
Face Form Kit
Marvel Pen
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner 100% BlackBlack walking umbrellaCanon Powershot SX510 12MP Bridge Camera - Black - WiFi CompatibleiPhone 6 16GB Gold on EE 4G With 24 Month Contract
Exaggerate Eye Liner
PowerShot SX510 HS


P I N   M E 


  1. ....omg...your blog is amazing! and so lucky to have a Michael kors bag <3 I spend so much on cosmetics and clothes but never bags but I really should

  2. Lovely flat lay! That bag is gorgeous

  3. Great post! I also bring my phone charger everywhere! Just in case

  4. I absolutely LOVE that bag!! I agree with all of those essentials, I also like to have a note pad and pen if I have any thoughts for blogposts etc :) & a travel phone charger is very useful too, haha x


  5. Elizabeth Davies1 March 2015 at 05:52

    I LOVE that bag! Nice post!

    Elizabeth -

  6. I have the same style/size of michael kors bag but mine is in an aqua colour x

  7. Gorge bag. Umbrella stays in my bag lol I don't trust this weather always getting caught out. xo

  8. Thanks Shanice, it took me so many takes before I got the flat lay angle right lol

  9. haha! Yup, I thought I had lost a few MAC lipsticks. I was searching high and low, I finally found it in the little side pocket of this bag.. -_-

  10. I agree! Sometimes when I'm on the bus and think of an idea, I just whip out my little notebook lol we always find ideas and inspirations at the weirdest times xx

  11. Aqua must look gorgeous! Especially in the summer! xx

  12. haha I know right! We had one day of sun last week and the days after that has been awful. Even typing away right now I hear thunder and lightning -_- xx

  13. Love how your handbag essentials are all black like your MK Bag. It just makes me smile, i have no idea why!! I have trouble with fitting umbrellas in my bags, so i never bring them out (only to regret when i am in the rain!) I definitely need a bag like this.
    That bag is one lovely investment, its beautiful!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  14. I love this post. This was so creative. Black is one of my favorite colors and MK is definitely my favorite designer. I adore your blog title too as a curvy girl myself! Maybe you could check out my blog and tell me what you think. I'd love your opinion! And maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin'! Can't wait for your next post!


  15. Thanks hun . MK is definitely growing into my favourite designer label aswell! I will definitely have a looka t your blog. Us curvy girls gotta support each other right? hehe xx

  16. haha! I never even realized how my things slyly matched the color of my bag.. I agree. I used to hate bringing my umberellas out since it takes up so much room in the bag, sometimes I won't bother bringing it out... then the rain comes. lol.