Tuesday, 10 February 2015

GUESTPOST @ColourUBold | Valentines Day ♥ Barbies Eyes and Kissable Lips

I love Valentines not because I always have a valentine but because I can experiement with my makeup! Purples and Pinks are always fun to experiment with so with this look thats what I did! Yes we could go with a cat eye and red lips but this look right here will get you a valentines before the end of the night! Please check my blog out at ColourUBold if you enjoyed my tutorial.

Step by Step: Starting at the top left!

Step 1: Prime those Lids

I used a purple cream base to really give my pinks and purple and added pop! You can also use a pink or even white cream base!

Step 2: Darken that outer V
Use a deep purple and deep fushia color to add diminsion to the eye on the outer part of your eye and pull it up into the crease. Use those colors and place it on the lower lash bringing it inward half way.

Step 3: Highlight Galore
With the same light pink shade used on the lid put it on the browbone and inner corners of the eye and also down to the lower lashes half way until you reach the dark purple colors.

Step 4:  Blend like a boss
Blend all colors together so that they all transition well together making it look like a gradient effect.

Step 5: Wing it out! 
Create a big or little wing liner look!

Step 6: Darken the Water line
With a dark purple eyeliner line the water line from the outer corner of the lower lash line inward. You can also smudge it out on the outer corners to create a little bit of a smokey effect.

Step 7: Lash it out!
I used some false lashes to create a more volumized look but you really can just coat on a ton of mascara to get the same effect! Also don't forget that lower lash to really create the perfect look!

Step 8: Blushing Beauty
Using a light pink for lighter skins or a deep pink for dark skin to create a nice flush of color without going overboard!

Step 9:  Kissable Lips
I neve wear pink on my lips but this valentines I'm taking my makeup game up a notch! Use a pink lip liner darker than the lipstick that you will be putting on. This will add diminish  then use a frosty bright pink to cover the inside of the liner. Press lips together for a gradient effect and top it off with your fave pink lipgloss.!


  1. This look is beautiful!! Amazing job, Jasmine!

  2. The eyeshadow is so pretty! i love this subtle effect!


  3. I'm so glad you like it!!!

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  6. Thank you Jenny!!! I'm glad you like it!!!

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